Open-Source Gimbal Designs

To implement FPV Gimbal designs you will need to generally follow this guide: Adding Servo Gimbal to FPV Multirotor.

Medlin Drone offers 3D printing services for gimbal designs. If there is not a design available for your frame, you can commission a new design from Medlin Drone.

If you use these designs, please consider helping support Medlin Drone.

FPV Gimbal – Project 399 Super G / Super G Plus / Super G 10″ – LDX-218

This design has two options, one with the servo in horizontal orientation and one in vertical orientation. Both designs allow very high uptilt at or greater than 45 degrees. This is the base design and is intended to be used with the Universal Camera Mount. Guide for 3D printing the gimbal design here. Files onContinue reading “FPV Gimbal – Project 399 Super G / Super G Plus / Super G 10″ – LDX-218”

Dual-Axis FPV Gimbal

I have finally tried building and flying a dual axis FPV gimbal, with camera pitch and roll being dynamically controlled via head tracking. I wanted to know if this would be possible to fly in acro, how difficult it would be to learn, and if it would be practical. I want to briefly discuss whatContinue reading “Dual-Axis FPV Gimbal”

On-Servo Design

I have started tinkering with a design where the top “hinge” rotates directly on the servos axle instead of having a secondary axle and linkage. This would provide some advantages if it were able to produce smooth movement but will also have some notable disadvantages, worth testing though. Will update post after initial testing. Update:Continue reading “On-Servo Design”

Early Designs

After some early testing I started to make some changes to the gimbal designs Andy Shin had made, reinforcing the hinge and even experimenting with designs that intentionally added friction to the hinge in addition to a sprung servo linkage in an attempt to stop the servo jitters from making it to the camera. IContinue reading “Early Designs”