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Medlin Drone is creating Open-Source Designs, Content, and Kits for FPV Gimbals on Multirotors.

Head Tracking FPV Gimbals for Multirotors

This sub-system significantly augments the flight dynamics and filming capabilities of a FPV drone and allows it to seamlessly transition from dynamic “proximity” flying into more traditional (non-FPV) drone shots, and vice versa, as well as a whole new set of…

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Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor

This tutorial is for implementing an Open-Source Design by Medlin Drone. Seem like too much work? The store sells a selection of Fully Pre-Built Gimbal Drones! What You’ll Need: Wow look at this long list… if only there were kits available……

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Open-Source Designs by Medlin Drone

To implement FPV Gimbal designs you will need to generally follow this guide: Adding Servo Gimbal to FPV Multirotor. Medlin Drone offers 3D printing services for gimbal designs. If there is not a design available for your frame, you can commission a…

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