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Medlin Drone is creating open-source designs, content, and kits for head tracking gimbals on FPV drones

Head Tracking Gimbals for FPV Multirotors

This sub-system significantly augments the filming capabilities and flight dynamics of a FPV drone and allows it to seamlessly transition from dynamic “proximity” flying into more traditional (non-FPV) drone shots, and vice versa, as well as a whole new set of…

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Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor

Adding a manually controlled servo gimbal for use as a head tracking gimbal is relatively simple if using a flight controller running a common firmware (Betaflight, iNav, ect.), but there are a few important considerations when adding to an existing build…

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Open-Source Designs by Medlin Drone

To view all Medlin Drone designs, visit us on GitHub and Thingiverse! Not every design is perfect, or even good… but its out there, its free, I will add and update continually, and I’m learning and getting better as I go.…

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