Shen Drones Geyser/Squirt – LDX-218 – Parametric Servo Gimbal

This is a customization of the parametric design for the Shen Drones Geyser and Squirt (V1/V2/V3), for the Squirt there are no standoffs that could match the rear screw holes are just zip tied down, this has worked fine and I am yet to break a zip tie despite some hard crashes. The current output is only for Analog/Shark Byte and a Hero 5/6/7, however bellow are the dimensions that I entered into the spreadsheet of the parametric design to generate this model, this will allow you to customize and export designs for Hero 8 or Hero 9/10, and DJI FPV cameras options. Also, If you don’t see a camera mount option you like this design is compatible with these camera mount options.

Files on Thingiverse:

The following is a link to a text file that contains the dimensions entered into the parametric design:

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