Adding a Basic (Pushrod) FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor

This tutorial is for implementing an Open-Source Design by Medlin Drone. Seem like too much work? The store sells a selection of Fully Pre-Built Gimbal Drones! What You’ll Need: Wow look at this long list… if only there were kits available… with components tested to ensure compatibility… the Medlin Drone Store sells kits, including fullContinue reading “Adding a Basic (Pushrod) FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor”

Install and Assemble/Disassemble Pro (Timing Belt) FPV Gimbal

This is specifically for installing a Medlin Drone Pro (Timing-Belt) FPV Gimbal. Setup and Configuration: First you will need to do the Configuration and Setup for Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor and be ready to plug in the servo. You may or may not need to extend your camera wires or move yourContinue reading “Install and Assemble/Disassemble Pro (Timing Belt) FPV Gimbal”

Timing Belt Linkage – The Ultimate Solution?

This is a rough account of the design progression of the Timing-Belt FPV Gimbal. It doesn’t cover every hurdle or design revision, just some of the major points of progression. First thoughts (Approx 6/15/22): I recently have had my kits and designs get in front of more people at higher levels. This has provided meContinue reading “Timing Belt Linkage – The Ultimate Solution?”

FPV Gimbal – 30.5 x 30.5 Mounting – LDX-218

This is the base design has a 30.5×30.5 mounting pattern seen on some BQE and Hyperlow frames and is intended to be used with the 20mm Universal Camera Mount. Guide for 3D printing the gimbal design here. Files on Thingiverse: Design commissioned by: Richard Howarth

TBS Tango 2 and Mambo – Head Tracker Compatibility – The Saga

Unfortunately, the TBS Tango 2 and Mambo aren’t currently compatible with the head tracker. I have talked to TBS about this, they said they could make it compatible with a firmware update (to allow a ‘wired trainer’ function) but didn’t say if/when they would. The more people that reach out to them the more likelyContinue reading “TBS Tango 2 and Mambo – Head Tracker Compatibility – The Saga”

FPV Gimbal + “Cheater Quad”

Flying with a head tracking FPV gimbal allows backwards flight while maintaining framing on a subject. However, it can be risky to fly backwards for a long distance or through obstacles, a visual observer can help confirm safe trajectory, but I wanted to see if a ‘Cheater Quad’ setup could help solve this problem. ForContinue reading “FPV Gimbal + “Cheater Quad””