FPV Gimbal – Camera Mount Options

Many of the open source gimbal designs share the same 20mm bearing housing, this means that for most designs the only frame-specific part is the base, while the top/camera mount is cross-compatible between all designs that share the 20mm bearing housing. This doesn’t mean that they will all work perfectly on any base/frame, this just means that they are able to be mounted.

This is a collection of Camera Mount options/designs, some are untested, some a poorly designed, but they may serve as solutions to problems such as stock DJI camera cables not being long enough, not having enough clearance for propellers or ducts, not having enough range of motion, not having the type of GoPro mount you need, etc.

Currently includes mounts for GoPro5/6/7, GoPro8, and GoPro9/10, Analog/Shark Byte and DJI FPV camera (Insta360 One R, and others coming soon)

Files on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4983596

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