Early Designs

After some early testing I started to make some changes to the gimbal designs Andy Shin had made, reinforcing the hinge and even experimenting with designs that intentionally added friction to the hinge in addition to a sprung servo linkage in an attempt to stop the servo jitters from making it to the camera. I believe the approach was wrong but the idea was to create a spring and damper.

I tried to improve the design, experimented with different spring tensions as well as a sleeved design where I could quickly switch out various PLA sleeves, which I hoped would be less ‘sticky’ than TPU on TPU friction joint. To my credit it kind of worked, I got this design to where Reelsteady could remove almost all the jitters, but it was a band aid fix, and still had a pretty significant margin of error, I could see jitters in the flight camera as well which was flyable but not ideal. Still, I will include the designs in case anyone wants to try it or iterate off of them. The screw holes will work for a TBS Source One, Shen Drones Squirt, and Check Drones Geyser.

Files on Thingiverse: thingiverse.com/thing:4941748

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