TBS Source One – LDX-218 – Parametric Servo Gimbal

This is a customization of the parametric design that conserves space by putting the servo vertical such that the the servo fits between all four screw holes while having them match the frame. This is working well in early testing, although a bit strange looking, nowhere near as sleek as the Ichabod V2 – LDX-218. The current output is only for Analog/Shark Byte and a Hero 5/6/7, however bellow are the dimensions that I entered into the spreadsheet of the parametric design to generate this model, this will allow you to customize and export designs for Hero 5/6/7, Hero 8, Hero 9/10, Analog, Shark Byte, and DJI FPV cameras options. Also, If you don’t see a camera mount option you like this design is compatible with these camera mount options.

Files on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4941753

On the right. All these models are made from the same parametric design.

The following is a link to a text file that contains the dimensions entered into the parametric design, this will allow you to modify the design or export a model for a Hero 8 or 9:

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