Whoop FPV Gimbal

This is a FPV Gimbal designed for whoops/micros and mounts to a standard whoop board (26mm x 26mm).  Kits and Pre-Builts available at the Medlin Drone Store!

Files on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5733796

Long overdue, I have finally made a tiny whoop gimbal to practice and enjoy flying with a FPV gimbal, via head tracking or other means of dynamic control. Flying with a FPV gimbal allows many new kinds of flight paths and maneuvers, having a whoop to with those capabilities is very fun and useful.

I haven’t stopped flying mine since getting the first prototype working, indoors and outdoors it’s extremely addicting. The ability to hit smaller gaps compared to a full-size setup lets me explore my surroundings even further, similar to how a whoop normally does, but with all the new flight elements of the FPV gimbal including navigating 3D space with more freedom.

Still a work in progress, but I am posting the design open-source for anyone to use, it uses 16.4×8.2mm 2-gram servos (such as the Surpass S0002P or Flash Hobby FH-2502) and includes a slot for a zip tie to be inserted as a roll bar.

The gimbal only weighs 5 grams and is durable.  These servos can wear out over time so consider getting extra if planning to fly frequently

As with all the other FPV gimbals it also serves to animate the drone with your head movement, this has been a lot of fun on full size setups when interacting with people, a head nod always gets a smile and wave, and with the whoop there is not the same need for professional appearance which opens up the space for custom ‘camera hats’ that move with the gimbal and can be cool and/or silly and really make the craft unique similar but even better than typical custom camera canopies.

The setup and configuration are the same as a full-size drone and the assembling and mounting the gimbal is simple and straight forward.

Joshua Bardwell – FPV News – Whoop FPV Gimbal

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