Alta X – Pro FPV Piloting Gimbal (Servo Tilt)

Medlin Drone single-axis “Timing Belt” FPV gimbal designed to mount to a Freefly Alta X.  Pre-built Alta X Piloting Gimbal and ‘AIO’ available here!

This gimbal improves your ability to navigate complex environments and track subjects, allowing full view above and bellow the craft.  It can be controlled via a dial/slider, head tracking, and various other methods.  

This is the largest drone I’ve designed a gimbal for yet!

The base plate and AIO designs are open-source to allow even further customization, if desired. ‘AIO’ housing is active-cooled and can be mounted/stacked directly underneath the gimbal and is a convenient way to house the VTX and various other components if you prefer that over mounting inside the fuselage of the Alta itself.

Files on Thingiverse:

Design commissioned by: Aerial Craft (UK)

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