TBS Tango 2 and Mambo – Head Tracker Compatibility – The Saga

Unfortunately, the TBS Tango 2 and Mambo aren’t currently compatible with the head tracker. I have talked to TBS about this, they said they could make it compatible with a firmware update (to allow a ‘wired trainer’ function) but didn’t say if/when they would. The more people that reach out to them the more likelyContinue reading “TBS Tango 2 and Mambo – Head Tracker Compatibility – The Saga”

FPV Gimbal + “Cheater Quad”

Flying with a head tracking FPV gimbal allows backwards flight while maintaining framing on a subject. However, it can be risky to fly backwards for a long distance or through obstacles, a visual observer can help confirm safe trajectory, but I wanted to see if a ‘Cheater Quad’ setup could help solve this problem. ForContinue reading “FPV Gimbal + “Cheater Quad””

Replacing Vertical Servo Mount with Push-Through Servo Mount

The servo is large 40x40x20mm and a lot of frames do not have the space required for horizontally mounting the servo to the top plate between the front four standoffs the same way the Terraplane does. I had solved this by mounting the servo vertically, this worked well at first but once I switched overContinue reading “Replacing Vertical Servo Mount with Push-Through Servo Mount”

Head Tracking FPV Gimbal Simulator with VR Goggles

Until recently, the only way I have known of for someone to learn to fly with a head tracking FPV gimbal has been to have a drone in the air. This is a significant problem since when learning it is easy to get disoriented and crash. I was not aware of any simulator that supportedContinue reading “Head Tracking FPV Gimbal Simulator with VR Goggles”

Fully Switching to the Universal Mount FPV Gimbal

Announcing a full switch to the Universal Mount for standard single-axis FPV gimbals. It works well. It simplifies and increases consistency across different designs. It has excellent durability and camera protection, it’s smaller and looks cool, it’s just better, and it feels like a much more optimized system. My whole fleet is already switched over,Continue reading “Fully Switching to the Universal Mount FPV Gimbal”

Universal FPV Gimbal + Quark Stabilizer

The dual axis head tracking FPV gimbal is very difficult to use effectively, I am still practicing with it occasionally but for now I believe a single axis is more practical. However, someone (PKNEXUS) brought up the idea on discord to have “a single axis gimbal on the roll for the gopro only, with pitchContinue reading “Universal FPV Gimbal + Quark Stabilizer”

Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor

This tutorial is for implementing an Open-Source Design by Medlin Drone. Seem like too much work? The store sells a selection of Fully Pre-Built Gimbal Drones! What You’ll Need: Wow look at this long list… if only there were kits available… with components tested to ensure compatibility… the Medlin Drone Store sells kits, including fullContinue reading “Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor”

Adding a Head Tracker to Your Setup

This tutorial is for adding a prebuilt or DIY head tracker to a FPV setup. Open-source firmware and configuration software can be found here and open-source designs by Medlin Drone can be found here. This should be applicable for any transmitter running OpenTX that has a 3.5mm auxiliary trainer port, there are SBUS and wirelessContinue reading “Adding a Head Tracker to Your Setup”

Transmitter Auxiliary Port Fix – Radiomaster TX16S

The TX16S is my current preferred transmitter, however it has an issue with the aux port for the head tracker, you have to pull the plug out slightly to get it to work and sometimes it will unexpectedly disconnect. This is a known issue but I have found a solution. You can open the transmitterContinue reading “Transmitter Auxiliary Port Fix – Radiomaster TX16S”