TBS Tango 2 and Mambo – Head Tracker Compatibility – The Saga

Unfortunately, the TBS Tango 2 and Mambo aren’t currently compatible with the head tracker. I have talked to TBS about this, they said they could make it compatible with a firmware update (to allow a ‘wired trainer’ function) but didn’t say if/when they would. The more people that reach out to them the more likely they are to do it so consider contacting them as well if you have the Tango 2 or Mambo. There are a lot of good affordable transmitters that are compatible though and if you use a full-size Crossfire or Crossfire Lite module you can input directly into the module via its head tracker input and use any transmitter that has a module bay.

A lot of people have asked me about the Tango 2, and once I tell them this most either just use a different transmitter or are waiting (don’t wait, the sooner you can start learning to fly with the head tracking gimbal the better, trust me on this). However, we finally have an example of someone who used a full-sized Crossfire module and made it work with the Tango 2, the same should work for the Mambo.

Pulsion_production (@pulsion_production) did it, the following pictures are his and are a working example of getting the Tango 2 to work with the head tracker. I am unsure of the exact construction, but it appears they are using an external module bay/adapter for the Tango 2 and then connecting the Crossfire module to the adapter, once that’s set up the head tracker can input directly into the Crossfire module, this method would work for ANY TRANSMITTER that has a module bay. Hope this helps.

Mambo pics by @clovrfpv

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