Replacing Vertical Servo Mount with Push-Through Servo Mount

The servo is large 40x40x20mm and a lot of frames do not have the space required for horizontally mounting the servo to the top plate between the front four standoffs the same way the Terraplane does. I had solved this by mounting the servo vertically, this worked well at first but once I switched over the Universal Mount I was having issues with limited uptilt with a GoPro attached, the GoPro would run into the vertically mounted servo.

I have solved this by switching to a push-through design, that mounts to the top plate and then allows the servo to slide in, it does mean raising the servo about 3mm higher than previous vertical style, and technically worsens weight distribution (vertical mount moves the weight of the servo further back slightly) but I am finding it to be a worthwhile compromise as it solves the uptilt restriction issue.

I am going through and updating all of the vertical servo mount designs to push-through, this will happen over the next couple weeks but any orders from the store that include a vertical servo mount design will be shipped with push-through mounts.

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