How-To 3D Print a FPV Gimbal

This is a quick run down on how to print a Medlin Drone FPV Gimbal. Print in TPU, 100% infill, 0.2mm resolution, supports enabled, print on the side such that the hinge profile is not sliced by layers, reference the pictures bellow. I recommend using ‘harder’ TPU filament, as it aids in stiffness for theContinue reading “How-To 3D Print a FPV Gimbal”

Do You Need a Head Tracker?

No, there’s a limitless selection of alternatives that will work to control the gimbal/servo, and you can also set up a switch that changes control of the gimbal from various inputs. For example, a three-position switch can change control between the head tracker, a slider on the transmitter, and a constant value or Betaflight functionContinue reading “Do You Need a Head Tracker?”

Flight Tips – First Flight with FPV Gimbal

This is a set of tips and recommendations for trying out a head tracking gimbal for the first time. I recommend setting up the gimbal to have a conservative range of motion, at least for your first flights. I set up mine to have about 30 degrees upwards to 50 degrees downwards, but you mayContinue reading “Flight Tips – First Flight with FPV Gimbal”

FPV Gimbal vs. 360 Camera

The new capabilities of a FPV gimbal drone share some of the advantages of a 360 “invisible drone”, originally pioneered by Stan-FPV. I am yet to operate one of these “invisible drones” but have been intrigued for a while in how they deal with some of the limitations of a traditional FPV drone. It’s alongContinue reading “FPV Gimbal vs. 360 Camera”

On-Servo Design

I have started tinkering with a design where the top “hinge” rotates directly on the servos axle instead of having a secondary axle and linkage. This would provide some advantages if it were able to produce smooth movement but will also have some notable disadvantages, worth testing though. Will update post after initial testing. Update:Continue reading “On-Servo Design”

Servo vs. Brushless Gimbal

The intention is to try both. I have started with an assumption that servos will provide the best “connected” feeling among other advantages, but the DJI FPV drone uses a brushless gimbal for camera pitch so my concerns may be invalid, regardless of that here are my initial thoughts on it. Flight Experience and ControlContinue reading “Servo vs. Brushless Gimbal”

Finding the Right Servo in the Wrong Places

In my early testing I did a lot of tests with a lot of expensive RC servos (consider supporting Medlin Drone), only to find that each new servo had the same twitchy movement of the last, even the programmable servos tuned to maximum dampening vibrated the camera when moving. But then I tried the LDX-218,Continue reading “Finding the Right Servo in the Wrong Places”