FPV Gimbal – Shen Drones Geyser/Squirt – LDX-218

This is design for the Shen Drones Geyser and Squirt (V1/V2/V3), for the Squirt there are no standoffs that could match the rear screw holes are just zip tied down, this has worked fine and I am yet to break a zip tie despite some hard crashes. Guide for 3D printing the gimbal design here.Continue reading “FPV Gimbal – Shen Drones Geyser/Squirt – LDX-218”

FPV Gimbal – TBS Source One – LDX-218

This is the base design and is intended to be used with the 20mm Universal Camera Mount. Guide for 3D printing the gimbal design here. Files on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4941753 The following is a link to a text file that contains the dimensions entered into the parametric design, this will allow you to modify the designContinue reading “FPV Gimbal – TBS Source One – LDX-218”

FPV Gimbal – Shen Drones Ichabod V2 – LDX-218

This is a design I made for the Ichabod V2. I am including a version that has a built in TBS Crossfire Immortal-T mount, as well as one that doesn’t. This is a specific offshoot design where I removed the bearing housing and separately created a bear housing in a different CAD model. I amContinue reading “FPV Gimbal – Shen Drones Ichabod V2 – LDX-218”

Universal Head Tracker V1

This is a case and mount for an Arduino based Open-Source Head Tracker. This is the head tracker enclosure design I started with, the enclosure itself is not my design, Lee from Painless360 designed it, I only made the mount for Fat Shark, its a rudimentary design but works. This can be mounted universally usingContinue reading “Universal Head Tracker V1”

Servo vs. Brushless Gimbal

The intention is to try both. I have started with an assumption that servos will provide the best general-purpose support among other advantages, but the DJI FPV drone uses a brushless gimbal for camera pitch so my concerns may be invalid, regardless of that here are my initial thoughts on it. General Application A concernContinue reading “Servo vs. Brushless Gimbal”

Finding the Right Servo in the Wrong Places

In my early testing I did a lot of tests with a lot of expensive RC servos (consider supporting Medlin Drone), only to find that each new servo had the same twitchy movement of the last, even the programmable servos tuned to maximum dampening vibrated the camera when moving. But then I tried the LDX-218,Continue reading “Finding the Right Servo in the Wrong Places”

New Capabilities of FPV Drones with Head Tracking Gimbals

FPV drones have been limited in the types of footage they can capture, unable to replicate what standard cinematography drones can create. The addition of a gimbal on a FPV drone allows it to seamlessly transition from dynamic “proximity” flying into more traditional (non-FPV) drone shots, and vice versa, as well as a whole newContinue reading “New Capabilities of FPV Drones with Head Tracking Gimbals”