Adding a Head Tracker to Your Setup

This tutorial is for adding a prebuilt or DIY head tracker to a FPV setup. Open-source firmware and configuration software can be found here and open-source designs by Medlin Drone can be found here. This should be applicable for any transmitter running OpenTX that has a 3.5mm auxiliary trainer port, there are SBUS and wirelessContinue reading “Adding a Head Tracker to Your Setup”

How-To 3D Print a FPV Gimbal

This is a quick run down on how to print a Medlin Drone FPV Gimbal. Print in TPU, 100% infill, 0.2mm resolution, supports enabled, print on the side such that the hinge profile is not sliced by layers, reference the pictures bellow. I recommend using ‘harder’ TPU filament, as it aids in stiffness for theContinue reading “How-To 3D Print a FPV Gimbal”

Configuration and Setup for Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor

This is a tutorial for the setup and configuration required when adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor. Seem like too much work? The store sells a selection of Fully Pre-Built Gimbal Drones! Steps: Joshua Bardwell made a video on adding a servo to a FPV drone, if you prefer that format follow his videoContinue reading “Configuration and Setup for Adding a FPV Gimbal to a Multirotor”