Transmitter Auxiliary Port Fix – Radiomaster TX16S

The TX16S is my current preferred transmitter, however it has an issue with the aux port for the head tracker, you have to pull the plug out slightly to get it to work and sometimes it will unexpectedly disconnect. This is a known issue but I have found a solution. You can open the transmitterContinue reading “Transmitter Auxiliary Port Fix – Radiomaster TX16S”

FPV Gimbal – Universal Camera Mount

This is a FPV gimbal design that accepts any camera via the standard action camera ‘tab’ mount. This is compatible with all existing kits and tutorials and with almost all of the existing Medlin Drone gimbal designs, mounting on the standard Medlin Drone 20mm bearing housing, and will work with analog, DJI, and Shark Byte,Continue reading “FPV Gimbal – Universal Camera Mount”

Gimbal Design Options: Wire vs. Steering Linkage vs. Direct-Drive/On-Servo vs. Geared Drive

I want to cover why I have been designing gimbals with wire linkages, and discuss some of the potential advantages and disadvantages of some of the best alternate design options, and why I may start to adopt them. Wire Linkage: The main advantages of a a wire linkage are durability, flexible application, good performance, andContinue reading “Gimbal Design Options: Wire vs. Steering Linkage vs. Direct-Drive/On-Servo vs. Geared Drive”

FPV Gimbal – Rotor Riot CL1 / HD1 / XR – LDX-218

This is the base design and is intended to be used with the 18mm Universal Camera Mount. It will fit both the normal and XR versions, the base is specific to the CL1 and HD1 as they have different bolt patterns. Guide for 3D printing the gimbal design here. Files on Thingiverse: