How-To 3D Print a FPV Gimbal

This is a quick run down on how to print a Medlin Drone FPV Gimbal.

Print in TPU, 100% infill, 0.2mm resolution, supports enabled, print on the side such that the hinge profile is not sliced by layers, reference the pictures bellow.

I recommend using ‘harder’ TPU filament, as it aids in stiffness for the whole system, some filaments advertise a shore hardness, I try to use 80A shore hardness or more. 85A, 90A, ect. If you are having issues with stiffness, it’s probably because you aren’t printing correctly, are using TPU that it too ‘soft’, or having the ‘weak triangle’ issue as described in this tutorial.

Print on the side like this so that the hinge is as strong as possible.
This is why you want to print on the side, there’s only one hinge and if it fails both cameras eject. That said if printed on the side it is very strong, I am yet to break one.

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