Head Tracking FPV Gimbal Simulator with VR Goggles

Until recently, the only way I have known of for someone to learn to fly with a head tracking FPV gimbal has been to have a drone in the air. This is a significant problem since when learning it is easy to get disoriented and crash. I was not aware of any simulator that supported something like a FPV Gimbal, but was recently made aware of one that can achieve a similar flight experience.

None other than Michael Ty of 360 Rumors, who also wrote an article on Medlin Drone, mentioned a simulator called DVR Simulator, and showed me a very cool video of him using the simulator and with a VR headset and essentially practicing flight with a head tracking FPV gimbal. The main difference is that the simulator includes yaw in the head tracking, so you’ll have to make sure to keep from turning your head, having yaw on the head tracker is possible but not necessary since we can already yaw freely on a FPV drone without affecting flight path. The other shortcoming is an apparent inability to adjust the ‘rates’ on the head tracking, so this is currently only useful for getting the basic idea of how to fly with a Head Tracking FPV Gimbal.

Here is a video of the head tracker in action.

Michael Ty of 360 Rumors trying head tracking FPV on the DVR Simulator

As for getting it to work with your head tracker, I don’t think that’s possible unless you can somehow emulate a SteamVR headset. I am currently attempting to do this, but early attempts haven’t been successful. It is possible to use a Quest 2 as a desktop VR headset if your PC is VR-ready. https://360rumors.com/oculus-quest-2-vs-rift-s-oculus-link-wireless-pc-vr-tutorial/

Will update a I learn more.

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