Cinelifter FPV Gimbal

It’s here. Still a work in progress, but the design works well enough for me to start teasing it. In my opinion no one should be using this with head tracking until they have mastered it on a smaller and less dangerous setup. It is worth mentioning that this (and all Medlin Drone gimbals) will work for a dual-op setup or to just be able to change camera angle on the fly and I believe this is the first variable tilt mechanism available for cinelifters.

Buy the kit here.

In its lowest setup the range of motion is about 25 degrees up to around 40 degrees down, which is enough to do most of what I tend to do with FPV gimbals. The range of motion can be adjusted by moving the front mount up/down. The servos are very strong, I have stacked 10lbs on top of my mirrorless camera and it moved it no problem.

This is something aimed specifically for commercial use so you will have to buy the kit from the Medlin Drone Store to get the parts needed and STL files. I may change my mind on this, however if you buy the kit you will have everything you need to replace parts or get spare parts without relying on Medlin Drone.

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