New Capabilities of FPV Drones with Head Tracking Gimbals

FPV drones have been limited in the types of footage they can capture, unable to replicate what standard cinematography drones can create. The addition of a gimbal on a FPV drone allows it to seamlessly transition from dynamic “proximity” flying into more traditional (non-FPV) drone shots, and vice versa, as well as a whole new set of maneuvers exclusive to this new sub-system.

Examples of new capabilities:
  • Coordinated camera angle and pitch movement to speed up, slow down, start moving backwards, etc. without moving the camera direction
  • Pull Out
  • “Standard” parallax
  • Push Pull
  • Bob and Weave – Up and down through obstacles
  • Orbit to Pull Out
This new sub-system is useful for both a cinematic and freestyle FPV drones

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