My Setup and Gear

The head tracker doesn’t add much to the overall system once it’s set up and working, I use the same carrying cases and bag. Your gear doesn’t need to match this to use a head tracking gimbal, the only thing you need is to verify that your transmitter supports a trainer function via an auxiliary jack, SBUS, or Bluetooth. There is a Medlin Drone tutorial for adding a head tracker to your setup.

Last updated: 08/2021


It doesn’t need to be a perfect setup to work well, most of the footage in the launch videos was filmed with electrical tape holding the head tracker on, this was a temporary solution but worked. I use a wired connection, although there are options for Bluetooth when I tried it the signal was far less consistent and had more latency.

This is my setup for the DIY Headtracker, I run 25us/deg “neck rates”

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