Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to fly? No, it takes practice, but if you start with a reduced range of motion (+20/-20) for your first flights you will find it easy to fly and learn, then increase range as you get more confident.

Are you flying in acro? Yes.

Do you have to use head tracking? No, there are many alternative options to head tracking.

Is it just for tilt? Yes, I have flown with a dual-axis (tilt and roll) gimbal as well as pan/yaw and have found that tilt/pitch is by far the most useful and strait forward to fly. You can optionally combine the single-axis gimbal with a roll stabilizer to get full six degrees of freedom.

Is it fragile? No, the single-axis gimbals are designed to be as strong and durable as most performance focused FPV products.

How much does it weigh? Full size gimbals are currently around 95 grams, whoop gimbals are around 5.5 grams. Trust me, it’s worth the weight.

What FPV video systems/goggles can I use? Any. The gimbals work with DJI O3/O2, Analog, Walksnail, HDZero, etc. and the head tracker can mount to any goggles with the universal option as well as dedicated mounts for various goggles.

Updated: 4/19/23