Parametric Design How-To

First you will need to install FreeCAD and download the Parametric Design.

  1. Open the design (ParametricServoGimbalxxxxxxxx.FCStd) in FreeCAD. It is recommended to open the design for your specific GoPro and analog/digital combination, as most computers will struggle with the master version that includes all the combinations.
  2. Double click the “Spreadsheet” on the center left.
  3. Select Window>Tile View.
  4. Adjust windows to where the 3D model and the spreadsheet are both in view (similar to image bellow).
  5. Start adjusting dimensions, make tiny changes at first. Ignore the Cells that have “Calculated” to the right of them! If adjusting each value individually (optional) your change could cause a conflict in the model (very likely to happen especially when making large changes), it will either glitch or freeze the 3D model, but continuing to edit values or undoing (Ctrl-Z) will get the model to render properly once the conflict is resolved.
  6. You can also paste values into the spreadsheet… I will include reference value sets that will make the design match a preexisting Medlin Drone design and allowing editing from there, there’s also a discord channel for people to share their spreadsheet values for frame/servo combos.
  7. Once the dimensions are set, left click on one of the two models, then select File>Export. This will export the STL file. Do this for both the bottom and top part (base/hinge).

This design is not perfect but will propbably work if you use it right, I’ll also be releasing generated designs for popular frame/servo combos.

How-To Video Coming.

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