Parametric Servo Gimbal – Fits ANY Frame/Servo

NO CAD EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! This is a parametric design, using a free open-source CAD software called FreeCAD. With this design you can simply set the desired dimensions to customize the design to fit your frame and servo. This is done via editing values in a spreadsheet, and doesn’t require any knowledge of CAD. Step by step instructions here. Print Material: TPU

Currently Supports: Analog/Shark Byte and DJI Digital FPV Cameras, GoPro 5/6/7, GoPro 8, and GoPro 9/10

To customize and implement this design, check out Parametric Design How-To and Adding a Servo Gimbal to a FPV Multirotor!

Files located here:

Want to check if there’s already a customization for your frame/servo? Here are Pre-rendered Customizations for Various Frame/Servo Combos

This design took a lot of work and time to create and is free to anyone, if you value this contribution consider supporting Medlin Drone.

All generated from the same CAD model, with diffident dimensions entered into the spreadsheet.

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